Terms & Conditions

The Fregranceshop is an online web based service which is governed and squarely covered by the following terms and conditions:

  1. Placing Order:

The “Customer/Visitor” can provide his/her information and can place his/her order directly through the website.

  1. Pricing:

The pricing and the discounts (if any) including any offers and schemes for which the products will be sold will be fixed only by the portal and will vary depending upon several internal and external factors and as per the business environment as a whole.

  1. Modes of Payment:

The “Customer/Visitor” can easily make the payment(s) for the products purchased to us by way of online payment methods i.e. Net-Banking, RTGS/NEFT, Debit Card and Credit Card or can opt for Cash on Delivery (CoD) service.

Further the “Customer/Visitor” can also make payments to us by visiting a Third Party Payment Gateway, although the same attracts administrative and handling charges which varies between 1 % and 3 % upon the total amount of transaction and the same shall be directly and personally borne by the “Customer”.

The Goods & Services Tax (GST) shall be charged @ 18 % directly from the “Customer”.

  1. Processing Fees & Charges:

There exists no administrative and/or processing fees and/or charges and/or any kind of hidden fee(s) and charge(s).

  1. Return & Replacement Policy:

We value our customers and take utmost due care. The product can be returned or replaced by the customer, however, the same is subject to the following:

  • The product received was damaged.
  • Different product dispatched.

In case of a return or replacement the customer is bound to immediately notify our office i.e. within three (3) days of the receipt of the product.

The product which is to be returned or replaced by the customer has to be returned back us with the original bill and packaging along with the complete and entire contents of the shipment.

Used products will neither be returned nor be replaced.

Before making returns or replacements our team will conduct a verification process and the customer is obliged to participate in the same.

The final decision to return or replace the product rests with us and the same will be binding upon the customer also.

For return or replacement of any product, the customer should contact us here

  1. Cancellation Policy:

We value our customers and takes utmost due care. The cancellations are allowed without any question asked with reversal of amount paid by the customer. However, it is allowed only up-till the time the product is not shipped from our warehouses and not beyond that.

For cancellation of any order, the “Customers” should contact us here

  1. Coverage of Risk & Limited Liability::

The portal is an aggregation only trading in different products and does not take the liability and/or responsibility of the products and its contents thereof.

All the products have been formulated and prepared by different manufacturers and at no point of time we should be ever held responsible for the same.

This website and its contents including the products is without any guarantee(s) and/or warranty(s) which is either express or implied respectively.

  1. Arbitration & Jurisdiction Clause:

All the disputes or issues (if any) will be referred for Arbitration.

The sole Arbitrator will be appointed by us.

The place of Arbitration will be New Delhi only and its award will be binding upon both us and the “Customer/ Visitor” respectively.

We and the “Customer/Visitor” agree to abide by and follow the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996 and the amendment thereafter in its entirety.

All the transaction(s) between us and the and the “Customer/Visitor”  is/are solely governed by the laws made by the Government of NCT of Delhi only.

In case of arising of any dispute(s) we and the “Customer/Visitor” voluntarily and unconditionally agree and submit themselves exclusively to the jurisdiction of the Courts in Delhi only.

  1. Privacy Policy::

The portal takes all the due care and precaution which is reasonably foreseen and undertaken in normal circumstances and is committed to safeguard the privacy of its “Customer/Visitor”.

In normal course the following details are requested for from the “Customer/Visitor”:

  • Personal Information
  • Address & Contact Details
  • Previous Medical History
  • Present Ailments, Diseases & Problems
  • Transaction Details

All the above mentioned information is directly, voluntarily and unconditionally provided by the “Customer/Visitor” only.

The above mentioned details are used for improvements, maintenance and proper upkeep of records which further enables regular follow ups and feedback and increases our proficiency and “Customer/Visitor” satisfaction respectively.

The above mentioned details are processed an shared with even the ancillaries and subsidiaries of the portal, its Associates, its Consultants, Vendors and Third Parties including the Government and the Law Enforcement Machinery as and when warranted and required for the mutual benefits of ours and the “Customer/Visitor” respectively.

We take all the due care and precaution which is reasonably foreseen and undertaken in normal circumstances and is committed to safeguard the privacy of its “Customer/Visitor”, having said that and taking into consideration the development and the misuse of the web space the possibilities of unauthorized access and data leak cannot be completely ruled out.

  1. Disclaimer:

The contents of the website is/are for the purpose of information only and neither under any circumstances nor under any probabilities should be considered as a substitute to any expert medical advice or any clinical or pathological diagnosis.

The platform is an aggregator and/or e-commerce platform selling products of different brands only.

We at no point of time and even by the slightest degree have either any kind of say and/or control over the manufacturing of the products and/or the materials used therein.

The results of the products vary from person to person and depends upon several internal and external factors.